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Rollout Information for 7th Grade Students

Rollout information:

Date:  Friday, Aug. 14, 2020

Time:  12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Location:  car rider line behind Stevens building


These items must be completed before pick-up

  1. $50 laptop fee must be paid ahead of time.  Payment will not be accepted in line.  Payments may be paid using the E-Funds link. Cash payments may also be made at BMS prior to Rollout.
  2. Online registration to SnapCode must be completed.  You should have received a prior email with your link.  If you need a code, please email Wendy Fletcher:
  3. Seventh graders are required to have an updated Form 121 form on file, with documentation of the TDap vaccine prior to starting school.  
  4. Parents must complete the Zoom Consent form.
  5. Parents must complete the 20-21 Laptop Usage Agreement Form.
  6. Bring your student login information: user ID and password.  
  7. Students are encouraged to come to rollout, but are not required to do so.