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Final Exam Exemptions


Policy IHAE: Semester Examinations 

Students meeting the following conditions will be eligible for exemption from final examinations: 

For all middle and high school students grades 7­-12, exemption from the cumulative exam administered at the end of a course is an earned privilege. A student will only be considered for exemption if the student has no office or disciplinary referrals in a teacher’s class, or referral from an administrator, and meets the following requirements regarding absences and grades: 


Semester­-long Courses: 

Attendance:                            Semester Average:

0-1                                                         70-up

2 absences

3 absences                                          90-100

Year­-long Courses: 

Attendance:                            Semester Average:

0-1                                                         70-up

2-3 absences                                        80-89

4-5 absences                                        90-100

Students who are eligible for exemption will have the option to take an exam if they feel it will improve their grade. 

All absences will be counted except those that are school related such as athletic, band, choir contests or school­-based club trips. It is the student’s responsibility to provide documentation of any school related absence. Students who receive an out­-of-­school suspension at any time during the year will NOT be exempt from any exam. 

For the purpose of exam exemption, three (3) tardies = 1 absence 

** Please make sure to keep up with the number of days and tardies in PowerSchool.  Attendance for exemptions will be determined on a block-by-block basis.