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Track and Field

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DragonFly Max Eligibility Information:

Social Media Info:

2021 Tryout Information:

Tryouts for BMS Track & Field for 7th and 8th grades will be Monday, 1/25/2021 starting at 3:15 PM. Students need to be picked up by 4:30:00 PM. Tryouts will be held at the track at the ITD center on Pleasant St. Students that are trying out will stay after school and be taken by bus to the track from BMS. Equipment needed: Shoes and clothes for running, jumping & throwing. Students will be given 3 to 5 days of tryouts, based on weather. Everyone will have an opportunity to try different events in order to find their niche. Athletes will purchase their own shoes if they make the team. Warm Ups will be ordered at a later date if the student wants to purchase them, but it is not a necessary item. Students will be able to wear their own warm ups if they have them. Uniforms will be issued before contests. If you have any questions, please email Coach Jenkins at


Practice Information: 

I. This week:

1. Practice will be at the practice track this week unless it rains, then it will be at the middle school gym.

2. Students are to report to the gym to get changed and wait for the bus to take you over to the track.

3. Students should wear comfortable clothing for running and working out and comfortable running shoes. Clothing should be fitting for the weather.

4. Parents will pick up students at the practice track. (See more details below)

5. Practice times are from 3:15pm – 4:30pm. Rides should be there no later than 4:45pm.

6. If you don’t have a ride from practice, do not stay. Our coaches have other obligations after practice.

7. If you have to miss practice, be sure to inform one of the coaches ahead of time, unless in an emergency.

8. Home workouts will be sent via remind for those in quarantine or have to miss practice for legitimate reasons.

II. Weekly Practice Schedule: (except on student holidays or mandatory shut-down days)

M, Tu, Th, F: 3:15pm – 4:30pm (rides should be there no later than 4:45pm)

Wed: 2:00pm – 3:20pm (rides should be there no later than 3:30pm)

*Any changes to practice times or locations will be posted in Remind.

III. Practice Locations & Pick-up Locations: We will post daily in Remind where practice will be: Practice Location: Pick up location:

BMS Gym: Gym parking lot B

MS Car rider parking lot: Car rider line/parking lot

Practice Track: Behind RCSD IT building (127 Pleasant Street)

IV. Tryouts/Cuts

a. Everyone will attend practices to get in shape and prepare your bodies for various events.

b. We will discuss specifics this week so that you fully understand how track tryouts work