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Art Club

The BMS Art Club is for anyone who has a passion  for art!  There is no need for artistic "talent" or "skill".  The purpose of art club is to provide students who have an interest in art, an opportunity to explore art and craft forms beyond what is offered in the curriculum.  It gives students the opportunity to work individually and in groups.  It is open to 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students and helps to foster good working relationships among students.  Art Club features weekly Open Studios and Monthly Afternoon Art Activities.

2019 NJAHS Inductees

We as a club see beauty in public service.  National Junior Art Honor Society is a student-driven club that combines service, art, and leadership to better Brandon and the surrounding communities.  The NJAHS works to promote art throughout the school and community through various activities and service projects.  The goal is to provide awareness to the community and school on the importance of art within our community.

 NJAHS Requirements

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7th & 8th Grade 2018-2019 Art Club Members

Art Club Information and Application

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Art Club members & Parents should check their emails and Remind regularly for meeting and event information!